When should I give my dog calcium?

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Many pet parents often ask, my dog 3, 4 big, feel not as big as other people's dog, is not some abnormal, need to replenish calcium ah? Under normal circumstances, if there is no symptoms of calcium deficiency, or professional pet doctors, pet dietitian to give a clear calcium supplement reminder, there is no need to supplement calcium at will.

Because dogs eat too much calcium is a health threat to the body, and there is a high risk of "calcium supplementation and calcium deficiency." But other situations are different, for example, if dogs eat animal liver for a long time or are mainly fed with fresh meat, they should replenish calcium in moderation. Because this kind of food not only contains very low calcium content, but also contains high levels of vitamin A, dogs long-term intake of high levels of vitamin A will inhibit calcium absorption. In addition, when the dog is in two or four months, it is also a very vulnerable stage of calcium deficiency, which has just emerged from the breast-feeding stage, and the body needs a lot of calcium and phosphorus for all aspects of its development. At this stage, the dog's demand for calcium is-s times as much as it is in adulthood, so special observation and attention should be paid to it.

Knowledge: calcium (CA) exists in every cell of the dog's body. Calcium accounts for about 1% of the whole body and 98% of the bone, which is the most important element of bone composition. Phosphorus (P), phosphorus is mainly distributed in bones (about 80%) and soft tissue (about 20%). It is an important element of energy exchange between cells and an important part of the nucleus.

Therefore, many dog food cat food will emphasize the problem of calcium-phosphorus ratio, but also a more important synthesis point in pet food. If a professional doctor gives that your dog is short of calcium and needs calcium supplementation, then listen to the doctor's advice and give the dog calcium supplementation.

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