What medicine should dog dog have loose bowels take?

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It is very common for dogs to have diarrhea, such as getting cold, or eating food owners who do not pay attention to it, so that the dog has a bad stomach. At any time, this is inevitable and happens occasionally. So if this is really the case, what are we going to do with it?

If it is not convenient to send the pet dog to the hospital in time, it is best to observe the dog's feces first. Carefully observe the situation of dog feces and judge the general cause of diarrhea. Because, in addition to eating bad food can cause dogs to have a stomach, such as some canine distemper, small, parasite and other diseases can also cause dogs to have stomachache. However, the stomach trouble caused by these diseases is more serious, which will seriously threaten the life and safety of the dog.

When observing dog feces, it is necessary to see if there is no big difference between the dog and the usual. If you can make sure that the dog has no other possibility of getting sick, then the dog's stomach must be dirty, the intestines and stomach are not adapted, and some dogs are gastroenteritis, indigestion, and stomach ulcers that lead to diarrhea. The method is to fast-observe the sky. You can take care of it through probiotics to see if things are getting better.

It should be noted that diseases such as diarrhea are more common in puppies under the age of half, the intestines and stomach of puppies are very delicate, because the digestive system is very delicate, and there is still a lack of digestive enzymes, milk is bound to be undrinkable, and eating canned or simple meat under three months of age is easy to cause indigestion. If you can't digest well, you will dilute it, and if you don't care, it will get thinner and thinner, resulting in dehydration, so three months ago you fed some milk powder, nutrition ointment, and more digestible food.

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