What if the dog doesn't listen? How do you get a dog to follow instructions?

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Nowadays, parents increasingly think that their children are raising dogs, and they also hope that their dogs will abide by some rules, be educated, and cannot look like their dogs are particularly disobedient to discipline. So what are we gonna do?

  1. Obedience: this is particularly important-one thing, when educating a dog, you can't just use a simple response, that is, let it do an action and give a material reward after completion.

  2. Cultivate "labor" desire: cultivate the dog's instinct to germinate the "labor" desire, such as dogs like to bite shoes in the game and so on. Its behavior of picking up its shoes heralds a kind of labor desire that is willing to do things with you and take the initiative to do things with you.

  3. No doting: in order to live in the family, the dog must be taught to abide by the "family rules". In the process of education, the dog should not dote too much on the dog, otherwise he will not learn to endure, and it will bring a lot of trouble to the family in the future. But in your own home, according to the way you like to carry out strict education.

  4.  Give more caress: give more caress in education in order to enhance emotion. Caressing not only makes the dog feel the owner's concern and love for him, but also makes him have sense of security. The host hugs it, pats it gently, and gives gentle words, which can get a good effect.

  5. Good health foundation: in the process of educating dogs, no matter what kind of education needs one. A good health foundation, usually feed dogs professional dog food. When the dog body is good, it will better interact with the owner.

These training processes need to be carried out patiently by the owner, which will be a long-term process, so the inclusiveness of the dog must be very sufficient.

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