Pet milk powder to dog dry eat good?

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Now, for the health of their dogs, many parents will want to feed their dogs with pet milk powder to supplement their dogs' calcium, but it should be noted that dogs should not be given milk, otherwise because the dog's body lacks enzymes in milk consumption, can not decompose lactose, and lead to diarrhea, that is, lactose impatience, so it is best to feed dogs pet milk powder.

Pet milk powder is generally sheep milk powder, compared with the whole milk and skim milk powder we drink, the structure of sheep milk is closer to the breast milk of the female dog itself. Molecular particles are only 1/3 of milk, making it easier for dogs to digest and absorb in their intestines, shorter digestion time than milk, and less diarrhea like milk. Sheep milk contains more protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, B and other nutrients than milk, and can supplement puppies more than milk.

However, some parents want to save trouble, will directly sprinkle pet milk powder on dog food, or directly to the dog to eat dried sheep milk powder, this way of feeding is really good? Obviously, we do not recommend such an approach. Although dry eating may taste better, dry eating can lead to excessive sugar intake. And dry eating sheep milk powder is easy to cause puppies to go on fire, at the same time, it will increase the intestinal burden of puppies, thus affecting digestion. Some puppies may suffer from constipation or diarrhea due to dry eating of sheep milk powder (dogs with gastrointestinal problems can eat probiotics).

Therefore, it is not recommended that dogs eat dog milk powder raw. If you need to feed milk powder, you should still mix it evenly with warm water and then bring it to the dog to drink, so as to avoid some unnecessary trouble.

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