How much food does a dog need to eat every day?

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Many parents in the feeding of dogs, do not know how to grasp that degree, feed less, worried that their dogs will be hungry, feed too much, and afraid of supporting the dog, so feeding is also learned.

1. Although there will be food advice on dog food packaging-according to the weight of the dog, but the amount of food per dog is not necessarily fully related to the body weight, you can observe the increase or decrease of the dog's food for a period of time, fixed you will have a basic grasp of the dog's food intake.

 2.Dogs eat differently in different periods, for example, adult dogs eat more than puppies, pregnant eat more than when they are not pregnant, and naturally eat more when they have a lot of activity. In addition to feeding dog food, it is also necessary to make some nutritional supplements according to the dog's own health.

So, how do we determine the amount of feeding? The most scientific way is to observe the dog's eating more. If the dog has finished eating each meal, there is no abnormal reaction, such as eating too much vomiting and not digesting, eating too much and trying to eat something else. Then the amount of feeding for this meal is appropriate. In addition, when parents change dog food, be sure not to update immediately, generally speaking, it is best to use 10 days to gradually change food. If you change too fast, you may bow up and get upset in your dog's intestines and stomach.

Points for attention when increasing or decreasing the amount of food for a dog:

  1. The weight of puppies changed greatly during and during pregnancy. It is suggested that the feed volume should be adjusted every two weeks, and the rate of increase and decrease should not be too sudden. It is suggested that the amount of increase and decrease should not exceed 10% of the original feed.

  2.  In addition, when switching to food, parents must pay attention to the recommended feed amount of new food, the energy of various brands of food is different, and some foods with high energy density are fed less, which is also an important factor in determining the amount of food fed.

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