Emphasis on! Dogs must be walked on a leash

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Walking a dog must use a traction rope. Now this society has made a lot of farce because it walks the dog and does not tie the dog rope, because it does not tie the dog rope, the owner and the passer-by almost fight. And there's no dog rope that really bites people. There is no dog rope on the road, either the car had a traffic accident, or the dog was run over by the car, so when walking the dog, there is no harm in walking the dog rope. In and out of public, you are advised to firmly hold the holding rope in your hand.

Some time ago, there was a case in which an unled Teddy went to provoke-only Rovena, who was tied to a tree, and Rovena broke out of the chain and bit Teddy to death. There are also such cases around me. I find that the owners of many small dogs do not like to introduce their dogs and ask why. They tell me, "first, dogs do not like traction, second, my dog obedient, third: puppies do not matter,-pick up, can not turn over the boat." The first reason is that many owners may encounter situations, dogs do not want to put on the lead what to do? Some dogs turn into wooden dogs as soon as they pull up, sitting or lying still, or constantly biting and tugging, so some owners give up the idea of using rope-pulling, which tells you how to train dogs to adapt to traction rope. Walking a dog must be carried with a rope.

One: why don't dogs like traction rope?

Walking a dog must use a traction rope. Although I can't trace the history of traction rope from the Internet, we know for sure that there was no traction rope a few years ago. So it's not natural for dogs to be towed. We can't make dogs naturally like to be dragged just as they like to eat meat. In fact, we carefully analyze the reasons why dogs do not like traction rope, there are only three points:

A: dogs associate traction rope with "bad" 

B: not used to having a rope 

C: restricted when you don't like having sex

D: the reason why some dog owners mistakenly use traction rope has been found, and the training is very simple.

Second: training methods to make the traction rope better

Walking a dog must use a traction rope. When you first use a traction rope for a dog, many parents make a mistake. For most dogs, being pulled for the first time is forced, and this direct way can lead to resistance from some dogs, and once resistance occurs, it can easily develop into two wrong behaviors, the first is fear (the person who pulls the rope or rope), and the second is the attack (the person holding the rope or rope). Both behaviors can cause us trouble, and in order to lay the foundation from the first step, you need a few steps of magic to make the dog fall in love with traction:

1. Prepare snacks, take out traction, and put both in one hand.

2.Call the dog, sit down, smell what he has in his hand and let him eat the snack (at this time, the dog not only smells the snack, but also smells the rope, and eating the snack with the smell of a bow rope means it doesn't reject the smell of the rope.

3. Lift the rope and put the snack behind the rope. The dog will put his head through the rope to eat the snack. When it goes through to eat the snack, immediately praise and caress the reward.

4.At the end of the previous step, tighten the traction, let the dog really feel the feeling of traction on the body, if not resist, give reward and appreciation again, if resist, calmly take the lead to repeat the previous step.

Walking a dog must use a traction rope. The whole step is actually doing one thing, the traction rope and snacks linked together, so that dogs understand that in order to get snacks must first use traction, snacks are beautiful, Chaojong rope is also beautiful, there are many ways to achieve this effect.

Walking a dog must use a traction rope. Finally, let the dog get used to the process, after the training has been done, the traction rope has been put on the dog, let him at home free bungee jumping bar, let him wear traction rope to eat, gnaw bones, bite toys, so that the dog used to this rope. The whole process can do call back training from time to time, obey the training, but it should be noted that the traction rope can not be too long, otherwise there will be entanglement, but also cause the dog to bite traction. The material of the traction rope is preferably cloth at first, because some dogs will be afraid of the sound of the metal chain, because it should be considered that some dogs will be afraid of the sound of the metal chain.

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