Dog hair is dry, wool is bad how to do?

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After you have a dog, you will find that the color of the dog as a child and the quality of the hair is very good, why with the age-some hair becomes dry and soft? If the dog hair is not good, originally not old dog, looks like already old dog, do not have a little angry. So how do we adjust the dog's condition?

In order to make the dog's hair thick and shiny, we must master the correct beauty methods, in order to make the dog's hair become beautiful, some people let the dog drink a small amount of vinegar, some people smear the dog with protein, and so on. These methods are very bad for the dog. If you use protein to smear the hair of a York or Malzis dog,-but after drying, it will bifurcation and break, but it will damage the hair quality, damage the hair root, make the color darker, and sometimes lead to the occurrence of dermatitis or skin disease.? Therefore, the editor does not recommend the above soil methods, not only to the dog hair growth is not good at all, but also to the dog damage. If you want to give your dog hair, the editor advises you to choose lecithin.

Inositol phospholipid contained in lecithin, and inositol is the basic substance that occurs long, which can promote the growth of healthy hair and prevent hair loss. In general, eating lecithin to dogs can replenish the nutrients in the hair so that it can meet the growth needs of the hair itself, thus restoring the hair to its own characteristics. That is, shiny, smooth, and brightly colored.

Can also give the dog to eat lecithin at the same time to the dog with some boiled egg yolk, can be mixed in dog food, but also can be fed alone, for hair care is also very practical.

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