Can milk dogs drink?

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Parents of dogs usually want to supplement their dogs-some nutrition other than dog food, may buy all kinds of nutrients for dogs to eat, such as nutrition cream, milk slices, pet milk powder and other things, then some parents ask, drinking milk is not the same?

If parents can only feed milk for some reason of last resort, they can try to feed their dogs -. Some pure milk, if the dog after dilute, vomiting situation can not directly feed pure milk, this time-like yogurt or nutritional comfort milk is not a problem. But if you drink yogurt and soothing milk, you will still vomit and drool, which means that your dog is a very small number of people who are allergic to milk.

So not all dogs are suitable for milk, but the best choice for dogs, both from a nutritional point of view and from a safety point of view, is that dogs in some special circumstances are not allowed to feed milk.

1. Dogs with severe lactose tolerance, the dog can be said to be seriously lack of lactase, so that the lactose ingested in human milk can not be converted into galactose and glucose for small intestine absorption and utilization, but directly into the large intestine, the intestinal osmotic pressure increases, so that the large intestine mucous membrane inhales a lot of water, lactose in the intestine through bacterial fermentation can produce lactic acid, so that the PH value of the intestinal tract down to less than 6, thus stimulating the large intestine. Cause abdominal distension, abdominal pain, exhaust and diarrhea and other symptoms.

2.This situation is usually in the minority, even milk allergy, but there is also an example, ten thousand -. Milk allergies can also pose a threat to the life of a dog, and do not feed milk to such dogs.

For the health of hairy children, try to buy sheep milk powder to feed, milk for some dogs must not eat, if already eaten, found that the dog has diarrhea and other symptoms, be sure to stop immediately.

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